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We have a selection of thousands of bags in many shapes, sizes, configurations and strengths … Call for Availability and Pricing303-453-1549

Polybag Dimensions:

Flat Bags: Width x Length     

Side Gusset Bags: Width x Gusset x Length

Bottom Gusset Bags: Width x Length x Gusset

Gusset & Flat Bags

Gusset & Flat Bags are the “basic” plastic bags.  Made of virgin low density polyethylene (or polypropylene), they meet FDA requirements for food applications.  They are bottom sealed for extra strength and they can be heat sealed.  Bag dimensions always represent the interior, usable portion of the bag.

Reclosable Bags

We can deliver single track, double track, slide-seal, anti-stat, drawstring or amber (UV protection) reclosable bags.

Merchandise Bags

These bags are made of high molecular weight, high density film that makes them stronger and more durable.  They are available in various colors, some with die cut handles, and they can be dispensed from their own carton.

     Polytubing & Automatic Bags

Polytubing comes in various widths and strengths.  Pink antistat and Class 100 clean room tubing is also available. We carry tubing racks, as well as automatic, pre-opened bags on rolls (Kwik-Fill Bags).

Antistatic Bags

We have pink (amine free) flat bags, seal-top bags or polytubing; static shielding flat or seal-top bags; and barrier bags in various sizes and strengths.

Bin Liners, Pallet Covers & Tarps

Bin Liners protect against dirt and moisture.  Pallet covers and tarps come in clear or black, which has a UVI additive to protect against sun damage.

Vacuum Bags

Poly Nylon Vacuum Pouches are used for the vacuum packaging of meat, fish, poultry, cheese and other perishable food products.  The laminated construction provides the highest level of clarity, strength and flexibility.  These pouches are three-seal constructed to offer excellent barrier properties for both oxygen and moisture vapor transmission, resulting in extended shelf life for a variety of food products.  All pouches meet FDA and USDA requirements for food contact safety.

Trash Can Liners

If you use trash bags … (and who doesn’t?) … why not get them delivered for a better price than what you’d pay for them at most retail stores?  We can obtain a full selection of sizes and strengths.


Bag strength is a measure of the thickness of the plastic used, from .00075 gauge (3/4 mil.) up to .006 gauge (6 mil.)