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Or …  What not to forget … (Print this for future reference)


If you're using a moving company, call around for the best deal and make arrangements / reservations.  Get a binding estimate with all charges listed (including how many hours the job will take … don't allow any more than a 10% overrun) and make sure the quote is written into the contract. Check your rental or home-owner's insurance policy to be sure potential damage will be covered.  Are the workers going to expect gratuities?  Let them know in advance how many stairs they’ll have to negotiate.

Or ... call around for the best deal on a rental truck and make the reservation.

Or … start recruiting strong, healthy friends with trucks. Line up lots of help.

Start to plan your moving budget.

Start discussing and making decisions about what to keep, what to throw or give away, donate or sell.  Start planning a yard sale?

Inventory your belongings.Go from room to room and take pictures. Record serial numbers of valuables.  Do you have receipts?

Return what you've borrowed from friends and neighbors.

Obtain a "new resident information packet" from the local government or chamber of commerce where you'll be moving to.

Start using up stuff … frozen foods, cleansers, etc.

Submit a change of address at your post office.  Pick up plenty of Address Change Notification Forms.

Here's a list of people / organizations to notify of your new address … you may have more.


Utilities: Cable, Gas, Electric, Telephone(s), Water, Trash … etc.

Insurance: Accident, Auto, Health, Home, Life, Renter's … etc.

Professional Services: Broker, CPA, Consultants, Dentist, Doctor, Lawyer … etc.

Government Offices: IRS, Libraries, Post Office, State Dept of Licensing, VA, State / Federal Social Services … etc.

Business Accounts: Banks, Cell Phone, Credit Card Companies, Department Stores, Diaper Service, Drug Store, Dry Cleaner, Finance  Company, Laundry, Real Estate Agent, Service Stations … Wherever you have credit / bills.

Clubs: Book, Health / Fitness, Music … etc.

Subscriptions: Magazines, Newspapers, Professional … etc.

Other: Business Associates (your 'network'), Church, Friends, Relatives, Schools, Associations … etc.

Submit an IRS change of address form ... call 1-800-829-1040 …  or go here … http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f8822.pdf

Make copies and arrange for the transfer of all necessary school, medical (don't forget x-rays & prescription histories), dental, legal and financial records. Put these in a safe, accessible place ... your safe deposit box?

Ask your doctor and dentist for referrals.  Arrange to transfer any prescriptions.

Arrange to either cancel or transfer your insurance policies.  Make sure you're covered during the move.

Look into changing your vehicle registration and driver's license.

Consult with your accountant or tax advisor to discuss moving-related taxes and deductions. Start keeping track of moving expenses … save all receipts. Create a 'move file' to keep track of estimates, receipts and other important information.

Subscribe to the local paper at your new location.

Start collecting boxes and packing supplies (or call us ... 303-254-5903).  Designate an out-of-the-way staging area and start to gather and pack those items you know you won't be needing before you move.



If you're using a moving company, obtain their "itemized expenses" form.

Contact your current and new gas, electric, water, cable, phones, trash, etc. companies and arrange for connect / disconnect or start / stop service on moving day.

If you're not keeping your pets … make decisions / arrangements.

Collect your valuables and secure them in a safety deposit box.

Drain oil and gas from mowers, snow blowers, boats, snowmobiles, etc.

Plan for and start cleaning ... how do you plan to leave the house?

Plan / arrange for re-upholstery, drapes, carpets for the new house.

CONTINUE PACKING! … Pack everything you even think you won't need.


If you're relying on friends for help, confirm the moving day with them.

Make travel and expense arrangements for the family … allow for unexpected delays and expenses.

Arrange to close your bank accounts and open new ones … don’t forget about any automatic payments.



Have your vehicles serviced and tuned. Check tires, fluids, etc.

Cancel your newspaper subscriptions and other delivery services.

Give away all plants you're not taking with you.  If you plan to move plants, check with the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, there may be restrictions concerning the importation of bugs.

Arrange for appliances to be disconnected on the day before the move.

If you're using a moving company, confirm the date with them.

If you're moving from an apartment, reserve the elevator if needed.

Prepare directions to the new house for whoever will be driving there.  Include emergency and contact (cell) phone numbers.

Close any safe deposit boxes, return library books / video rentals, pick up dry cleaning, etc.

Have your yard sale, arrange for any pick-ups by charities.  If you donate, be sure to get a receipt for income tax purposes.

Make arrangements for any extra trash removal you'll need.



Defrost your freezers. Leave the door open & place a deodorizer inside.

Have any rugs or draperies you're taking with you cleaned.  Leave them in the cleaner's wrappings.

Plan simple meals for moving day ... no appliances.

For each person, plan ... a change of clothes, a towel, prescription drugs, a toothbrush, other personal items.

You may need ... Maps, plastic utensils, paper plates, paper towels, plastic cups, toilet paper, soap & toiletries, trash bags, a flashlight, first aid kit w / pain relievers, pencil & paper, snacks, beverages, zip-lock bags, a tool-kit for re-assemblies, games & activities for the kids.

Make arrangements for child care on moving day.

Fill prescriptions, replenish necessary medications you will need. Stock up for at least the next two weeks.

Transfer funds from all your accounts. Don't forget about any outstanding checks or scheduled automatic payments.

Keep separate whatever you don't want to lose in the truck. Set aside what you'll need when you arrive.  If these are to go on the truck, prominently label it "THE LAST BOX IN".

Disconnect appliances and prepare them for the move.

On the day before 'moving day' unplug any electronic equipment, such as television sets, computers, stereos, etc so they will be at room temperature on moving day.  Moving a TV set or other electronic equipment in which heat is still retained could cause internal damage.

Designate / reserve a 'staging' room for the movers to work freely out of.

Have the utilities turned on in your new house.

Notify your friends and family of your new address and phone numbers.


If using a moving company, plan to spend the whole day and don't leave the house till the movers do. Watch the loading and unloading with your documented inventory in hand. Examine everything carefully before signing a receipt. Carefully review the bill of inventory.

Record all meter readings … gas, water and electric.

Stay with the moving truck to oversee their inventory of your goods.

Carry important documents and valuables yourself, or use registered mail.

Give all drivers directions to the new house, including the movers.  Make sure to exchange phone numbers.

Make a final walk through of the old house, including the attic, basement, closets and kitchen cupboards … make sure everything is empty.

Lock all windows / doors, hand the keys to the realtor, the new owner or to your landlord.

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