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There are many ways to seal a box.  Carton sealing tapes come in a variety of strengths (mil. thickness) and with a variety of adhesives for various applications.

Hot Melt Adhesive:  Versatile, economical and user-friendly.  It has excellent tensile strength, long term holding power and an easy, consistent release.  This adhesive has a broad application and service temperature range … good for sealing in cold temperatures. It has long-term resistance to ultra-violet light, air and heat, which ensures protection during extended storage.  Also, it won’t turn ‘yellow’ like other adhesives.

Acrylic Adhesive:  Great for sealing in cold temperatures.  It has long term resistance to ultra-violet light, air and heat, which ensures good protection during extended storage.  Clarity of the acrylic adhesive makes it ideal for crystal clear label protection tapes without the ‘yellowing’ of other adhesives.

Natural Rubber Adhesive: The most aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive.  Its fast, positive bonding reduces application time.  Over-filled cartons, rough or smooth cartons, boxes exposed to humid or damp air, and recycled paper cartons are sealed with ease.  Its properties make it the freezer tape of choice, enabling the user to apply it at freezing temperatures and have it withstand sub-zero conditions thereafter.

Flatback Paper Tape: Provides a quick, positive seal for packaging and splicing, with the added ease of ‘cutting’ the tape by hand, which eliminates the need for a dispenser.

Water Activated Reinforced Gummed Tape: The tape of choice for heavy duty jobs and commercial applications.  It provides the most aggressive, bonded seal and is naturally pilfer-proof.  Because you don’t have to use as much tape to seal a carton, it is also economically very competitive with the polypropylene tapes.

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Masking Tape: used for masking paint surfaces, splicing, bundling and packaging applications.  We carry several different grades in various widths.

Filament Strapping Tape:  Used to strap, palletize and bundle light to heavy-duty loads. We carry several grades in various widths.

Duct Tape:   What can’t you do with Duct tape?  We carry three different grades.

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